Ballybeg Greens

Ballybeg Greens

What We Grow

Salad Leaves Herbs
Mizuna(Red) Basil
Mizuna(Green) Coriander
Pak Choi Garlic
Red Mustard Oregano “Hot & Spicy”
Rocket Thyme “Common”
lettuce Thyme “Golden King”
Specialty Vegetables Golden Marjoram
Colored Cauliflower(Purple & Red) Sage
Mixed Coloured Carrots Tarragon “Russian”
Radishes(Six colours) Tarragon “French”
Edible Flowers
Squash Spearmint
Melons Mint – Pineapple
Leeks Mint – Chocolate
Peppers Mint – Apple
Beetroot(Six types) Mint – Grapefruit
Kale Parsley “Plain Leaf”
Cabbage Parsley “Moss Curled”

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