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Preparing For Hibernation

This is a perfect time of year to gather a group of friends together, get wrapped up warm and go look at the beautiful change in the all the colours on the trees and how the sun shines just that little bit brighter as the darkness creeps in earlier and earlier.

According to the Irish Independent, “over the last 40 years, researchers have been examining how friendships affect us, what they have found is that the people we surround ourselves with have a huge effect on our mental and physical health”.

Having someone who you can laugh with as these winter months are approaching is incredibly important for our wellbeing. Having someone to laugh with, also known as “positive social interaction” can be the most important predictor of physical quality of life” (Irish Indepenedent, 2017)

So go get that wolly hat out, buy yourself a lovely new warm scarf and begin walking and laughing your way through these winter months.


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