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Water Water Everywhere!

Splish Splash! ‘Tis only a day for the ducks’

We take it for granted, yet we cannot live without it.

Our lack in acknowledging the importance of this is sometimes very frightening.

Critical to our survival it really is our “life giving liquid”.

A recent study has looked into the impact of dehydration and alertness, everyone goes straight for the coffee if we feel tired. What about a glass of water? You may just be a bit dehydrated.

When we look at our plants in the garden we know they are tired and need replenishing and we are not so far removed from them in this way.

5-reasons-to-stay-hydrated (1)

More important we need to teach kids the importance of being tired versus the lack of water we drink. In a world filled with Starbucks and Energy drinks we are forgetting how much we need it everyday.

There are many resources online to help your family stay healthy and active.

More Resources can be found here.



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