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Digging in the Dirt

Yes it is messy and yes it creates havoc, but who doesn’t love digging in the dirt?

Soil is the main ingredient when learning about growing your own food, herbs, and vegetables.

National Wildlife Federation, states in their 2012 report;

Dirt and germs can actually be good for kids” 


Today we need kids outside instead of being on their computers or tablets. By creating your own garden and teaching your kids how a garden grows you will gain their curiosity with just how much fun the soil is.

Here at Ballybeg Greens, we see the benefits to our immune systems, hearts, and skin, as well as young peoples emotional well-being and learning skills. So why not start today?

Call us on (051) 350 100 to visit our Community Garden or to purchase any of the locally grown produce we have available this summer.




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