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Teaching Your Family

Seedling JuneBegin your journey learning how to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers in your own garden, or by joining a community garden and establishing your own allotment, like we have here at Ballybeg Greens.

Kids especially love playing in dirt and soil is the best way to entice them to learn. Teaching children to appreciate and understand the importance of soil and how the majority of our food comes from this messy, dirty substance can be fun.

We get to see them squirm at worms and shriek at spiders, which again is where these creatures live. A great way to start is by growing peas, not only is it an rewarding project but we don’t eat fresh peas, all the produce we get today is frozen or mass produced.

Check out this excellent article and see how easy it is to grow and harvest peas.

To learn more pop out to Ballybeg Greens for a visit, we would be more than happy to show you around.




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