Ballybeg Greens

Ballybeg Greens

Level 3 QQI – Outdoor Vegetable Crop Production Course due to start 18/04/2016

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Taking applications now for
Course: Level 3 QQI – Outdoor Vegetable Crop Production
Start: 18/04/2016

Location: Portlaw
For more information please contact or Phone, Ballbeg CDP: 051350100


After successful completion of the course the learner will be able to

  • List the tools, materials and equipment required to grow outdoor vegetables
  • Explain pH levels in the soil
  • List the stages of ground preparation for vegetable sowing
  • Explain the purpose of and techniques for thinning, transplanting and weeding
  • Describe a range of preventative methods for controlling vegetable diseases and pests organically or with chemicals
  • Carry out a soil test
  • Prepare the ground for growing vegetables including clearing the ground organically or with chemicals, single digging, improving soil fertility, cross-digging the area, forking over, raking and leveling, marking out and preparing drills
  • Sow a vegetable crop from seeds or transplant a crop to outdoors
  • Use a range of techniques to maintain the vegetable crop including thinning, transplanting, watering, feeding, weed-control,mulching, disease and pest control
  • Harvest the crop at the correct stage of maturity
  • Demonstrate the application of communications, team working and quality awareness in a horticulture environment
  • Apply appropriate health, safety and personal hygiene procedures when producing a crop of vegetables.



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