Ballybeg Greens

Award-winning suppliers of salad leaves, microgreens, edible flowers, herbs and specialised vegetables to the food service industry

Welcome to 2016

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From our Newsletter

In the past year we have continued to expand our community based enterprise. If you don’t know already, Ballybeg Greens grows and sells edible flowers, herbs , salad leaves , vegetables and landscaping plants. In the next year, we will be growing our business by; increasing the number of Poly-tunnels at our site, offering a range of standardized and individually tailored courses, and even diversifying by producing our own unique brand of Herbal Ice-cream.

Ballybeg Greens is located in the hearth of Ballybeg, at the Parish Centre, and is an enterprise that promotes the local area through its services. Our produce is currently being used in a number of restaurants here in Waterford, and we are receiving glowing reviews for the quality and standard of our products.

We presently also operate a Garden Centre, at our site, where we sell our produce to the public; it is open between 9am-4pm, Monday – Friday, and we would appreciate your valued custom.

In terms of training, in the past year we have provided FETAC Level 3 & 4 courses in the area of Landscaping & Vegetable Growing, where course uptake is strong. Please watch your local Skillsnet web page, Ballybeg Greens Twitter & Facebook page , and finally this website.

If you want to know more about our business or services we would very much appreciate it if you could contact us on Tel: 051350100 , Mob: 0877674810.

Have an enjoyable and safe Christmas. Regards, Ballybeg Greens.


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