World Health Day at Ballybeg Greens

This year we see The World Health Organisation (WHO) planning their 70th annual World Health Day on 7th April.
According to the website, the organisation is building the day around the theme ‘Health For All’.

The WHO is dedicating this day to fight for universal healthcare for all people in the world, with statistics from the organisation highlighting the need to focus attention on this issue:

It is estimated that half of the world’s population is lacking access to appropriate medical services, according to the WHO. Another 100 million people are forced into poverty by paying medical bills or services. The organisation wants to see more than 1 billion people gain access to the healthcare services they need by 2023.

Here at BBG, we actively look to find ways of promoting health and well-being in order to help members of our community to stay fit and healthy.

To eat healthy foods, why not try growing your own? It can be as easy as planting some lettuce in a seed tray and watching it grow.The internet is a wonderful place to look up simple ways to grow your own.

Who loves to exercise? Studies show that even moderate levels of activity can lead to a healthier, happier and longer lives with Ireland Active promoting gardening as one way of doing this.

Our head grower, Jack, regularly has useful tips and tricks that can be found on our website and on our Facebook page so do keep an eye out. If you’re in the area, you can pop into the garden to have a chat with him about what you can do to help improve the way you and your family eat.

Another great way to buy good produce is to look out for locally grown food in the shops or go to a farmers market. There are some lovely stalls in John Roberts Square on a Sunday, or you can call us on 087 438 2455 to see what we have for sale.