The Year of the Marigold – Companion Planting at Ballybeg Greens

This year, 2018, has been declared ‘Year of the Marigold’ and there are events going on around the globe to highlight the variety and beauty of the marigold family.


Here at Ballybeg Greens, we grow two different types of marigold and for two different purposes. The first type of marigold is Mexican Marigold which is used as a microgreen. This particular microgreen has a sweet orange taste to its shoot, making it an ideal garnish for desserts.


The second type of marigold is the standard bedding style marigold which can be seen in many gardens across Ireland. This marigold is grown at Ballybeg Greens for companion planting. Companion planting is when a secondary plant is planted next to a main crop to deter pests. The concept is used mainly in organic growing. It isn’t as effective as conventional methods using sprays etc. but is a more sustainable method of pest control which minimises the effects on the eco-system. Companion planting is just one of the preventive methods we use in our integrated pest management system here at Ballybeg Greens.






Head Grower, Jack Cashman

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