Our rhubarb ready for harvesting



This week at Ballybeg Greens we will be harvesting rhubarb. Rhubarb is well known in most kitchens as a tart and pie filling. It can be harvested from late March or early April till about June.

Rhubarb grows from a crown which is planted in to the ground or raised bed. It benefits from a layer of compost mulch or farmyard manure applied to the crop. Ideally this is added before winter but can be applied at any time.


Raised beds of rhubarb at Ballybeg Greens


When harvesting, sticks should be twisted off rather than cut. Always leave four stalks with leaves as so the plant can generate energy from the light. Before the cold weather comes, try insulating the rhubarb with straw. This will protect the crowns from snow and frost.



Head Grower, Jack Cashman

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