Helter Celtuce!

Celtuce growing in our polytunnels



Here at Ballybeg Greens we have Celtuce growing as part of our salad mix. Celtuce is also known as asparagus lettuce, stem lettuce, celery lettuce or Chinese lettuce and in China it is primarily grown for its stem. The stem is said to have an asparagus/celery taste but it can also be used for its leaves.


The same celtuce as above, one week later



It is a very easy salad crop to grow. In February, we started planting seed into trays on to a heated bench. We used modular trays where the seed is planted directly into the tray using a standard mix of seedling compost. The compost is soaked once the seed is sown and then is left on the heated bench. Germination begins shortly afterwards and you should see its cotyledon leaves or seedling leaves emerge in 6-8 days.


As mentioned, we use its leaves as part of the salad mix. This is because we pick the leaves when they are young and fresh. We pick the outside leaves, leaving those in the middle as so it can still produce energy from the light. You can harvest leaves throughout the season. Keep the bed weed free, water regularly and you could harvest the stem in 90 days.

Head Grower, Jack Cashman

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