Thyme, the wintry herb.

Thyme AKA T. vulgaris is a species of flowering plant in the mint family Lamiaceae, native to southern Europe from the western Mediterranean to southern Italy. It is a bushy, woody-based evergreen subshrub with small, highly aromatic, grey-green leaves.

It is useful in the garden as a groundcover, where it can be short-lived, but is easily propagated from cuttings.

Culinary uses for the herb are vast and varied when compounded with mint, bay, or marjoram it can be used to cook almost any dishes.

It was the Ancient Greeks who discovered the attraction of Thyme to bees and other pollinators. As honey plants, they aid in producing a honey that apparently sensational.

It is indispensable in bouquets garnis for making stock, particularly chicken and lamb stocks.

Here is some further information on growing herbs in Winter.

Preparing For Hibernation

This is a perfect time of year to gather a group of friends together, get wrapped up warm and go look at the beautiful change in the all the colours on the trees and how the sun shines just that little bit brighter as the darkness creeps in earlier and earlier.

According to the Irish Independent, “over the last 40 years, researchers have been examining how friendships affect us, what they have found is that the people we surround ourselves with have a huge effect on our mental and physical health”.

Having someone who you can laugh with as these winter months are approaching is incredibly important for our wellbeing. Having someone to laugh with, also known as “positive social interaction” can be the most important predictor of physical quality of life” (Irish Indepenedent, 2017)

So go get that wolly hat out, buy yourself a lovely new warm scarf and begin walking and laughing your way through these winter months.

Ballybeg Herbs

Did you know we produce a wide variety of herbs?

There are over 15 different types of herbs in the garden in Ballybeg Greens.

In the next few weeks, we shall showcase some of the wonderful fresh produce we have growing in the garden and how you can available of this throughout the winter months.

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First, we shall look at Lemon Verbena 

This lovely shrub has leaves that release their refreshing fragrance each time they’re touched, making this herb a good choice for planting near outdoor living areas or paths, where you can enjoy its lemony scent.

Ideas for Dishes:

  1. Lemon Verbena Pesto – try it instead of using Basil? Sounds delicious and will create a ray of sunshine on those dark wintry evenings.
  2. Herbal Tea – try it instead of using Mint? Add a slice of lemon to it and you will keep those pesky germs at bay.
  3. Gin & Tonic – infuse some leaves into a shaker with the G&T, the lemon works wonders with the Gin.

If you wish to purchase this or any other produce, please contact us on 051 350 100.
We are also on Facebook & Twitter.


Water Water Everywhere!

Splish Splash! ‘Tis only a day for the ducks’

We take it for granted, yet we cannot live without it.

Our lack in acknowledging the importance of this is sometimes very frightening.

Critical to our survival it really is our “life giving liquid”.

A recent study has looked into the impact of dehydration and alertness, everyone goes straight for the coffee if we feel tired. What about a glass of water? You may just be a bit dehydrated.

When we look at our plants in the garden we know they are tired and need replenishing and we are not so far removed from them in this way.

5-reasons-to-stay-hydrated (1)

More important we need to teach kids the importance of being tired versus the lack of water we drink. In a world filled with Starbucks and Energy drinks we are forgetting how much we need it everyday.

There are many resources online to help your family stay healthy and active.

More Resources can be found here.


Digging in the Dirt

Yes it is messy and yes it creates havoc, but who doesn’t love digging in the dirt?

Soil is the main ingredient when learning about growing your own food, herbs, and vegetables.

National Wildlife Federation, states in their 2012 report;

Dirt and germs can actually be good for kids” 


Today we need kids outside instead of being on their computers or tablets. By creating your own garden and teaching your kids how a garden grows you will gain their curiosity with just how much fun the soil is.

Here at Ballybeg Greens, we see the benefits to our immune systems, hearts, and skin, as well as young peoples emotional well-being and learning skills. So why not start today?

Call us on (051) 350 100 to visit our Community Garden or to purchase any of the locally grown produce we have available this summer.



Teaching Your Family

Seedling JuneBegin your journey learning how to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers in your own garden, or by joining a community garden and establishing your own allotment, like we have here at Ballybeg Greens.

Kids especially love playing in dirt and soil is the best way to entice them to learn. Teaching children to appreciate and understand the importance of soil and how the majority of our food comes from this messy, dirty substance can be fun.

We get to see them squirm at worms and shriek at spiders, which again is where these creatures live. A great way to start is by growing peas, not only is it an rewarding project but we don’t eat fresh peas, all the produce we get today is frozen or mass produced.

Check out this excellent article and see how easy it is to grow and harvest peas.

To learn more pop out to Ballybeg Greens for a visit, we would be more than happy to show you around.



Tampabay Times – Culinary Writeup on Waterford

Thanks to Louise Buggy of Bodega Restaurant, Waterford, and others who collaborated with the TampaBay Times in a recent write up. Ballybeg Greens gets a mention 🙂

Posted by Ballybeg Greens on Monday, 7 November 2016


The new patio in the recreation area built by Billy’s group.

Well done to all , and we hear that there is a brick border in the works as well 🙂

Here are the before and after pictures

25 Anniversary

On behalf of everybody at the Ballybeg Community Development Project we would like to thank everyone attended our 25th anniversary celebrations.
We would also like to offer special thanks to the following local businesses, whose sponsorship made the days events possible:

Musgrave Foods.
Kiely’s Butchers.
Coney Island Pizza.
Woodlawn Meats
Country Style Foods

We would also like to thank the many staff and volunteers who contributed so much of their time to make the celebrations the success that it was.

Thank you everybody!

Horticulture Training

Guys, Horticulture Training starts Friday 08/07/2016, at 9:30am. Directions to the facility below, Thanks

Posted by Ballybeg Greens on Thursday, 7 July 2016